-Viking Leif Erickson's Discovery of America 
-The Whole 9 Yards, Origins of Popular Expressions  
-The Ghosts and Hauntings of the Carolinas
-Revolutionary War Battle of King's Mountain, NC
-Murder Creek, AL & Hard Labor Creek, GA 
History of Unusual American Place Names
-The Low Country's Gullah & Voodoo Heritage
- Nine Must See Islands In South Carolina
-The Pirates of the Carolinas
-The Histories of Various U.S. Holidays
-The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle
-The History of the U.S. Space Program
-Famous Shipwrecks off of America's East Coast
-The History of the WWII Navajo Code Talkers

Other Presentations

-Newport Tower & Other Archaeological Anomalies indicating that Medieval Europeans were in America
-The Lone Viking Berserker at Stamford Bridge
-WWII in the Pacific
-The WWI Christmas Truce
-Titanic, Lusitania & Hindenburg travel nightmares!
-Mystery of Stonehenge
-Drakkars, Snekkja, Busse & Knarrs, all about building and sailing Viking ships!
-Presentations on the decades of the 1920s-1980s
-Denali & Yosemite National Parks
-Edgar A. Poe's Army duty at Sullivans Island, SC
-History of Prohibition in the Southern U.S.
-The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas
-Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox
-The Civil War in the Carolinas
-The WWII U-Boat Threat
-The CSS Hunley
-The 100+ year Anniversary of Ft. Jackson
-French Huguenot Immigration to SC
-Native American Tribes in the Carolinas
-From Highland Charge to Rebel Yell

Competing in Scottish Highland

Games Heavy Athletics